• Fair Market (map)
  • 1100 East 5th Street
  • Austin, TX, 78702
  • United States

One of our goals with CraftHER Market is to connect the creators in our community with customers, collaborators and ultimately other humans who respect the work they create. For this reason, craftHER Market is also a day to discover resources, learn from each other and talk about what it means to make.

At 2:00 PM on Oct. 23, we'll host a Q&A with:

Isadora McKeon — Director of Marketing & Communications at Bunkhouse Group

Amberly Washington — Founder at REVELRY and The Swoon Event

Rebecca Butler — Owner and Head of Operations at Queen for Dinner

Throughout the talk, the speakers will share their own stories about brand niche and how marketing narratives affect the way a business grows and changes. This talk is free, hosted inside Fair Market (so, open to the public!) and does not require an RSVP. Join us!