Stop by REVELRY for some holiday cheer! We're snagging locally sourced talent (from makers and music to sips and grub) to give you one stellar shopping experience.  

Family friendly and free to attend, but don't forget to support our vendors and buy a little somethin'! This is one night market that you don't want to miss!




Settle Ceramics

The Lady Derp

Wilderness Wood Prints

Broadhill Roost

Katie Made That

Essential Qi

Fabulous paws

23 Soap Company

The Dulhan Diaries

Young Living Essential Oils

Jamie Billman McCormick Studio LLC

Ignite The Light

Make The Rest Up

Jenna Luecke Illustrations

Wulf Vintage

Wander Life Coconut Creamer

HB Ceramics

Sister Vintage

Saanir Artwork

Lick Honest Ice Creams

Ponytail Mafia

Las Ofrendas

Gaio Gallery LLC


DJ Cass&Ra


Amanda Deer

Dub Academy

Succulent Native

Brew & Brew

Buona Sara Healing

Greyden Candle Co

Alejandra Cook / Muse

Audrey Jahanian

Jennifer Pate

...and more!



Sam Wish

Sound Sight Tarot

Milk Moon

Herland Home

The Six of Cups

Mckinley Mizar Jewelry

krama wheel


Classy Heathen

Collective HumanitY

Moesel Clothing

Om Henna

Slow North

Billie Claire Handmade

Grace and Charm

Chelonia Ceramics

Ash Grove Studio

Ferro & Fawn

Salty Lemon Apothecary

M Deco / Mode Cast Design

Karacotta Ceramics

 (Shared with Karacotta)

Garbos Lobster Truck

pink and silver


Armadillo Karaoke Co., LLC

Fringe & Flair

Dope Toast

Kara Nailed It

Tough Mother Brand

Sway Water

Cracked Glitter

Monee Elizabeth

Maridad Fine Art

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